Billing Practices

Each representation we undertake is detailed in a signed engagement agreement that includes the scope of the representation and specification of the hourly rate or other basis of compensation for services to be rendered. We discuss with clients the estimated legal fees involved before the commencement of work and cooperate with clients on budgeting and work allocation with the goal of maximizing efficiency and controlling the costs of each representation.

We have structured our billing practices to eliminate profit center accounting for such items as telephone, copying and myriad other expenses related to the delivery of legal services (unlike the accounting practices maintained by many law firms with higher overhead). Our clients generally believe that such expenses should be included in the hourly rate charged for work produced, and we agree. Consequently, we bill our clients based on the hourly rates charged for the work performed and for reimbursement of actual external vendor services and similar charges (if any) incurred on behalf of a client, subject to advance approval in certain situations, such as for large copy and assembly projects, filing fees, courier fees, special mailings, and the invoiced fees of outside service companies.

We have extensive experience in managing the delivery of legal services in a cost-effective manner and we are flexible in regard to alternative fee arrangements where beneficial to our clients. We believe the attorney-client relationship is enhanced by our approach to the delivery of legal services.

Our goal is to deliver high quality legal services at reasonable cost without the use of profit center accounting or other comparable profit enhancements.